Best way to deal with private plugins while still developing them

I just set up my Bedrock with some private plugins according to the official guide to do so, and that part is working well working well.
BUT my concern is now how I deal with those private plugins, which still have their own repo logically, while I’m still developing them.

Creating some edits in a plugin and pushing this to its repo, now leaves me with having to ‘composer update’ my bedrock repo to the newest plugin version I just pushed, right? But if I do that, my local private plugin repo is kinda f*cked (it now fetches a composer branche and not the master). I’m sure that can’t be the right way… But what is?

TL;DR: What is the recommended way of dealing with private plugin repo’s inside of a bedrock repo, while still developing those plugins?

I’m using git submodules for that. Its basicly a repo inside a repo.

I found out that I should specify my master branch of the private repo’s with “dev-master” to not lose my master branch, instead of letting composer download a specific version tag.

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