Best way to overwrite Sage with custom code?

There are really small things that I always have to do like telling BrowserSync that it always should open Chrome, but also larger things like installing custom gulp apps that I like to use often.

How would you go about (automatically) adding these to sage every time I start a new project.

You could fork the repository and make your changes there :slight_smile:

@kaisermann but than I can not use composer any more, I would think?

I have my own ā€œforkā€ of Sage (A mix of Version 9 and 8.5 in my case) and composer works in the same way!

Why would you not be able to use Composer?

Iā€™m assuming you meant you cannot create the project from composer, such as running composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name dev-master. In that case, yes, although you can publish your own repo on packagist and do the same but with your project name instead of roots/sage