Binary logging disabled (master/slave replication)


I am trying to setup master/slave replication and need to enable binary logging but I’ve noticed that this is (i think) explicitly disabled during remote server provisioning in (see

Is it safe to remove this task and re-provision to enable binary logging? is there a better way of enabling master/slave replication using trellis?



I’ll let someone who is familiar with binary logging and master/slave replication comment on the bigger picture questions you asked.

However, if you want to “remove this task,” maybe you already know this, but you can just disable the task by defining
mysql_binary_logging_disabled: false
in a group_vars file of your choice (depending on environment, or maybe group_vars/all). No need to actually remove the task. The task runs conditionally on the value of this variable, which has a default of true.

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Thanks @fullyint

I figured as much but I guess I’m more curious why its disabled to begin – hopefully someone familiar can shed some light on it before I go about disabling the task.