[Blade] Just a little question about the $viewPaths

In ‘setup.php’, we have this portion of code defining the possible paths a blade template can have:

  $viewPaths = collect(preg_replace('%[\/]?(resources/views)?[\/.]*?$%', '', [STYLESHEETPATH, TEMPLATEPATH]))
      ->flatMap(function ($path) {
          return ["{$path}/resources/views", $path];

Which returns an array:

array (
  0 => '.../sage/resources/views',
  1 => '.../sage',
  2 => '.../sage/resources/resources/views',
  3 => '.../sage/resources',

The thing is, two of the four items are the actual STYLESHEETPATH and TEMPLATEPATH (and one of them doesn’t even exist).

I get that maybe is useful having the theme root .../sage there as well, but wouldn’t it suffice to just use an array composed by [STYLESHEETPATH, TEMPLATEPATH]?

Thanks :wink:

Edit: I don’t even know why STYLESHEETPATH is returning the path with ‘/views’, but I’m currently ignoring that.