Blade View Caching

Hello beautiful Roots people.

I’ve just encountered this issue for the first time, after working on the same project for nearly a month now.

Any changes I make in my blade templates are not displaying, either in build or watch - any ideas?

prepares to cringe at simple mistake


Should anybody encounter a similar issue - here are the steps required to get back up and running.

1. cd to wp-content || app directory.
2. rm -rf  uploads/cache
3. mkdir cache && chmod -R 755 cache/
4. composer dump-autoload

I was scared for a moment after destroying the cache folder as I got a white screen of death, but low and behold I am back online.


Awww, thanks :blush:


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Hello @inthedeepend

You saved me today, you have earned yourself some good Karma today.

Take Care,

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mkdir cache in step 3 shouldn’t be done inside wp-content I reckon? And also step 4: composer is only inside the theme folder …