Block based theme with sage

Full site editing isn’t an experimental Gutenberg feature anymore. For this to work, the theme must be a block-based theme, which basically means that it has to adhere to a specific folder/file structure. Are there any tutorials or extensions for Sage 9 or 10 to add block-based theme support to these? I tried to use an index.php and index.html with the special comments, but the page just renders as-is, without any markup. Are there paths/blade loaders to be adusted?

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Edit: The experimental-theme.json also must be in place (even just an empty JSON object).
I just noticed that they still call it “experimental”, despite it not being an opt-in Gutenberg experiment.

I’m also very interested in how to build FSE themes with sage. I wonder why there is no information about this anywhere that I can find.

I’m making a site with ACF and Flexbile Contnet, that gives you a ‘block’ like functionality.

I have an index file that loops though all the blocks that I create, and I can easily build new pages, add new components, new sections.

Each row has functionalities like bg color, padding etc… same with columns.

Is that something you’d be interested in?

No, we’re talking about working with Full Site Editing ( and building block based themes for the block editor (aka Gutenberg).

Yeah, I know. It feels like waste of time to me though. They executed Gutenberg poorly. It was meant to be the next big thing, but its sadly not. But maybe I’m wrong.

Sorry to bump this old thread, but how about block themes now that its a more mature feature? I’m not really clear on how it fits in with Sage and ACF.

Sage can be used with FSE. Here is an example Sage 10 theme with FSE support:

However, one does not have to use FSE, but just blocks for the pages/specific post types, parts of it (hybrid theme).

Or no block based features altogether, see this post: