Blog page problems

Hi All,

Been building a site in roots with no problems until I came to do the ‘blog’ page.

After creating a WordPress page called ‘blog’ , I set the posts page in the WordPress reading settings screen to that page. I then selected a custom page template (page-blog.php) from the page edit screen.

Then I found the handy wrapper debug script from this thread:

and I can see that despite being set to use the custom template, the blog page is actually being rendered using index.php.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve also had problems disabling the sidebar for this blog page as per the thread pasted above.

thanks in advance…

Setting a page to the Blog section basically disqualifies it from using a page template. When in doubt, check out this graphic:

So you can either style index.php, or create a home.php and customize that.

See point 1.

That’s great. Thanks chaps.

Slowly getting the hang of this WordPress thing.