Bootstrap 3 RC1 now in Roots

We’ve updated both the master and grunt branches with Bootstrap 3 RC1. Since BS3 is constantly getting updated, you’ll probably want to pull in the latest LESS & JS from the Bootstrap repo prior to starting on a new site. It’d also be a good idea to track the development:

Everything should be working properly as of now except for the [gallery] shortcode

We’ll periodically update Roots with updated LESS & JS as BS3 development continues.


I’m using this now. New project seems seemless. Thanks for the quick merge.

Yes! Thanks for the lightning quick update. I didn’t even finish the bootstrap docs and you zoomed in with this! Cheers!

First post around here. Thanks for the update!

It looks like uses Bootstrap 3 already. Great. Really looking forward to the new site and tutorials. @ben to have a tutorial based on building a simple “sample site” would be awesome.

/Torbjörn from Sweden

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Thanks Ben. This is great

Roots is a starter theme, not a parent theme. If you want to develop with child themes you should use leoj3n’s fork, which has been tweaked to make it more child theme friendly.

It’s probably worth noting that Roots is developed without backwards compatibility in mind, and simply updating with every version will likely break things. This is how starter themes differ from frameworks and parent themes; starter themes give you have a solid foundation to build on, but keeping house is the designers job. A well designed Bootstrap 2.3.2 site will still look and work great after Bootstrap 3.0 is finalised; once the site is complete there shouldn’t really be a need to constantly update every dependency.

If you absolutely must redo your sites in Bootstrap 3, there is a generic migration guide and converter. Just remember that it’s still only a release candidate for the time being, so you may have to redo the sites 2/3 more times before the first official release. Even the grid went through a pretty significant overhaul today, so it looks like nothing is safe.

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