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Bootstrap 5 and Sage 10

Tailwind is now default on Sage but some might prefer Bootstrap 5. Bootstrap has js ready components + accessibility and might be better on larger projects (arguable ofc). Tailwind is lacking javascript. Would be nice if you could choose when installing Sage. How hard is it switch latest Sage 10 to Bootstrap 5?

OK, here a very simple Bootstrap 5 (beta3) branch for Sage 10 (master): sage10-bootstrap5
No bootstrap classes have been added yet, but the imports (style and script) are working.


Also, AplineJS is a great add-on to Tailwind in case you’re unaware of it.

The default CSS framework was changed to Tailwind in commit 5518ea1. You could checkout the previous commit (33005e5) and work from there. I have two websites in production based on this commit, and everything works flawlessly.

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thanks for replys everyone. will try these things

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