Bootstrap as a real option


I used your theme starter and it makes lot of things faster. However, I regret the fact that Bootstrap is not considered as a real option: it’s installed by default, and the basic Sass contains a lot of Bootstrap mixins, which makes things not so fast when we don’t need Bootstrap at all (we need to remove Bootstrap from Bower deps and remove all Bootstrap mixins in Scss files).

This is not an issue but a question/improvment: do you plan to make Bootstrap really optional on Sage init? I mean something like composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name 8.5.0 --no-bootstrap?

As discussed here, Bootstrap in Sage seems to not be an option, but installed as a default (then we have to clean Sass files / Bower deps to remove it). It’s not difficult to remove, but well… It could be easier.

Could be more efficient for those who wants to use another framework, or simply those who wants a clean and minimal starter?

I think there’s a limit to how skeletal a project can be before you’re just shipping a bunch of blank .php files. The Bootstrap examples throughout Sage have helped me think about my code in a more organized fashion, even if I’m stripping Bootstrap out and replacing it with something else.

Why not just make a fork?


I think it’s a balancing act, the core team have a lot to do building the newest versions and fixing bugs, as a dev it’s not too hard to strip out bootstrap. The core advantage for me is that it provides much better base styling, like normalise.css on steroids.

That said, I’ve wanted it out on some projects- with Sage 9, WebKit will largely solve this I think, but I agree with @smutek, I’d love a fork!