Bootstrap overrides not included with latest version

I’m running a fresh install of sage 8.5 and I can’t seem to locate where bootstrap components are loaded. In previous versions this used to be in bower.json? I need to remove components i’m not using, for example carousel and modals etc.

Thanks Ben but sorry I still don’t understand. Which files in sage 8.5 should I be looking at now?

Same file, bower.json. You’ll need to manually add Bootstrap overrides in there to define which components you’d like to include

Thanks for your help Ben. Looking at the bower.json there are no Bootstrap overrides preset but when investigating main.js I can see code related to modals, popovers and carousels etc. If there are no calls to these components in bower.json how do I ensure they are not included in main.js?

Use Bower overrides to define the individual components you would like to include instead of the entire Bootstrap JS, which they are doing via Bower:

Fantastic thank you!