Bower_components scss files not updated by gulp watch

I tried and I think I did follow all the guidelines so pardon me if I misunderstood the build process.

When I run ‘gulp watch’, while doing changes in common/ _variables.scss, it all works fine included browsersync.
If I understand correctly, wiredep is supposed to get any change inside the scss files inside the bower_component folder scss files.
My problem is when I change, say a font size in _type.scss, then ‘gulp watch’ doesn’t do anything.
‘gulp’ alone will do the change however.
What am I missing here?

Never edit files in bower_components since they’re pulled in by a package manager.

Thank you, that makes complete sense.
Where do you recommend copying those files please? Should I comment line 5 of main.scss or only use assets/styles to pull the scss files needed? Trying to guess what is the usual workflow.

You don’t need to copy files either. The reason we use CSS preprocessors is so you can override the default variables and make modifications without touching the vendor package code.

Override the variables, and if you need to override some CSS, just do it in your own files - use the same CSS selector, and since your own CSS will be included after all vendor CSS, it should override just fine.

Ok I think I overly tend to manually remove code I don’t need from bs files. But it’s ok anyhow, you’re right on the point that it’s cleaner to keep a well maintained BS package.