Bower/Gulp load order

I would like to add bootstrap-material-design on top of bootstrap-sass-official.
There’s a lot of topics around removing bootstrap components (js and css) but how about ordering them so that there is a possible way for another css-file to override the bootstrap css?
Sure, I could manipulate the wp_enqueue_style inside lib/assets.php but it would be much better if I could set the order for the gulp build. Don’t you think so?

Placing @import on plain css files in the main.scss solves this issue for now.


@import "common/_variables";

// Automatically injected Bower dependencies via wiredep (never manually edit this block)
// bower:scss
@import "../../bower_components/bootstrap-sass-official/assets/stylesheets/_bootstrap.scss";
// endbower

@import "common/_global";
@import "components/_buttons";
@import "components/_comments";
@import "components/_forms";
@import "components/_grid";
@import "components/_wp-classes";
@import "layouts/_header";
@import "layouts/_sidebar";
@import "layouts/_footer";
@import "layouts/_pages";
@import "layouts/_posts";

Adding these two rows to the end of main.scss:

@import "../../bower_components/bootstrap-material-design/dist/css/material";
@import "../../bower_components/bootstrap-material-design/dist/css/ripples";

This may be what your looking for.

Although you would have to rearrange some things it should give you the ability to put stuff in any order you want,