Browser Sync error

When running browser sync all of my sites are proxying to the same host, so instead of loading up “localhost:3000” I’m getting “example:80”. It’s also doing this for all two of my sage installs, when I run gulp watch they are both pointed to the same “example:80” host instead of “Localhost:3000”

I’m using MAMP, and I have multiple local hosts set up, is there a global browser sync config file that I need to edit or reset?

Update, the localhost:3000 forward issue is resolved, but now when I run gulp watch, the file path to my “dist” folder is incorrect, breaking my css, and javascript.
see image bellow

it should be "localhost:3000/simmons-sage-8-2/dist" but instead it’s dropping the first word of the name of my theme’s folder and looking for "localhost:3000/-sage-8-2/dist"