Browsersync does not display new fonts

Hello everyone, okay?

I am starting development with all Sage theme of resources, I am facing some problems, but little by little I am picking up the tool details.

Insert fonts converted by the font-squirrel and they are not displayed while using browserSync. Entedendo really not what happened.
(The images are displayed perfectly and I use the same standard for fonts)

Thank you very much for your help.

Are there any errors in the console, like 404’s to the fonts?

I assume you’ve placed the fonts into the fonts directory?

Other than that, if you are using gulp watch, sometimes just a stop and re-starting it can fix up issues.

Yes I did everything as you said. Apparently really had to restart the whole process.

Thank you for your help!
Now I will watch the screencast to better absorb all the potential of this tool.