Browsersync inifinte refresh on external URL

I see that the CORS issue is still a bug, so setting that aside… (e.g. custom fonts not working on external browsersync URLs)

I also have the simultaneous, persistent issue of infinite refresh on iOS devices only. They will refresh until they white screen and display the Safari “server stopped responding” message (guessing the crash is just due to my machine not being able to keep up with the requests though).
Android doesn’t have the refresh issue.
What would make only iOS do that?

cloned the latest sage9 on Nov 12 2018 for this project. First sage9 project :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say with no insight into your local development setup and what changes you’ve made to Sage.

Infinite refresh has also been covered on this forum, so also let us know what searches you’ve done/what you’ve tried to do to fix your problem (along with all of your local dev & Sage config details) if you’re looking for help from the community volunteers that generously give their time in return for nothing :slight_smile:

  • Tried changing proxyURL to https - the site will sometimes load at first without assets/css and won’t refresh, but if i hit refresh manually it will load the assets and the inifinite refresh starts. most of the time it just goes into the refresh cycle with assets loaded.
  • Tried deleting node_modules and running yarn && yarn start again
  • Tried clearing all safari cache on mobile devices
  • Tried private browsing mode and non-private browsing mode
  • Tried killing all processes on port 3000 and running yarn start again ( sudo lsof -i tcp:3000 on mac )
  • Turned off safari web inspector on mobile devices

if i stop the yarn start process the refreshing on external devices stops also

no errors displayed after running yarn start
below is a gist of the yarn start process in loglevel debug mode.

I’ve pushed this site to a temporary repo:

The server is trellis, cloned Nov 12th 2018

(did all the above again today to confirm)

Ok - I’ve started a fresh theme using composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name , then ran yarn and yarn start and am still getting the refresh issue - so disregard the site repository in the last post. I’m kind of at a loss as to what to try now. I suppose I will just keep going - i can still get work done :slight_smile:

I found the same issue over at

I tried downgrading browser-sync to 2.24.4 and the other solution of moving to port 9000 like they did, but it still goes into the refresh loop.

I also tried different browsers on iOS - no change.

Thanks for all the details :smiley:

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