Browsersync not working with Sage 9.09 and MAMP

While changing styles I see messages in Chroms about browsersync and webpack rebuilding but I do not see the styles updating

my mamp url is http://test-site:8888 and my theme name is test-site

I have my config set as follows:

“publicPath”: “test-site”,
“devUrl”: “test-site:8888”,
“proxyUrl”: “http://test-site:8888”,

at this point I have to restart yarn every time I make a change to see it reflected in the browser.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Hey @mogularpb,

The following may not be exactly correct, but your config should look more like this:

"publicPath": "/wp-content/themes/my-theme-name",
"devUrl": "http://test-site:8888",
"proxyUrl": "http://localhost:3000",
  • publicPath is the path to your theme’s folder from the web root.
  • devUrl is your local test domain (with protocol and port, if applicable)
  • proxyUrl is Browsersync’s URL, typically http://localhost:3000

Do a search on Discourse to find posts from other MAMP/WAMP/XAMPP users to see their values.

If you’re using Bedrock, make sure to modify the theme path appropriately.

@mmirus Thank you so much! That works perfectly.

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