Bud serve external URL doesnt work

Hi, I’m trying to access dev server from mobile device.

Bud 6.6.5.

After yarn dev, in terminal:

ℹ server
├─ proxy: https://nomanisanisland.test (​https://nomanisanisland.test​)
├─ internal: https://localhost:3000 (​https://localhost:3000​)
├─ external: (​​)

I have this setup in bud.config.mjs:

      host: '',
      port: 3000,
      cert: app.path('/Users/aitor/Library/Application Support/mkcert/nomanisanisland.test+3.pem'),
      key: app.path('/Users/aitor/Library/Application Support/mkcert/nomanisanisland.test+3-key.pem'),

If I try to access to I get site unavailable or bussy.

Chrome works.

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