Bud v6.3.2 released

bud v6.3.2 released

Read the release on bud.js.org

:adhesive_bandage: Fix: HMR failures when there are semantic errors in application code

An internal misconfiguration could have resulted in some app code errors hanging the HMR middleware. This has been addressed.

:adhesive_bandage: Fix: bud clean command

This command has been fixed. The problem stemmed from a change made for the benefit of multi-compilers in v6.

:adhesive_bandage: Fix: @roots/sage public path (when using acorn v2)

I didnt realize the project I was using to test bud in the context of Trellis/Bedrock/Acorn/Sage was using acorn v3 (which is still in alpha).

This caused some problems with public path in roots/sage projects using acorn@v2. Whoops!

Moving forward, I have set up an explicit e2e testing environment which includes acorn@v2 and acorn@v3 projects. Right now it is testing hmr compilation works in the browser.

In the future, there will be additional tests for:

  • proxied wordpress uploads
  • sage @asset directive

:rewind: Revert: chunk loading and formatting for es modules

This change from v6.3.1 has been reverted. Still, it is our current hope that users who enable esm
and have set a compatible build target will output es modules. What were reverting is an enforcement of esm as an output format.

It turns out webpack also configures the output.chunkFormat and output.chunkLoading values based on the applications build target option, which is usually set in a browserslist config.

In the case of conflict, the behavior has been varied but largely undesirable. Additional testing is required in order to have any confidence in the behavior that will result from settings these values.

Release information

For more information [review the diff to see whats changed(Comparing v6.3.1...v6.3.2 繚 roots/bud 繚 GitHub).

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