Bud v6.3.4 released

bud v6.3.4 released

As always, release notes available at bud.js.org.

:adhesive_bandage: Fix: conditionally add/remove bud-error component

The bud-error component is now only added to the DOM only when there is an error and is removed when there is not.

:sparkles: Improve: public env values

The bud.env docs have been updated to reflect the actual intended use of public env variables:


Previously, the envvars would have needed to include quotations in order to be output as a string (as in: PUBLIC_APP_NAME="'My App'").
Now, they are passed through JSON.stringify automatically.

:sparkles: Improve: prevent repeated attempts to import optional dependencies

A number of extensions will attempt to use dependencies if they are available, falling back to more common
dependencies if they are not. Previously, bud.js would attempt to import the dependencies repeatedly, in cases
where more than one extension tried for the same optional, uninstalled dependency.

Not sure that this matters much in terms of performance because of the way that esmodules are cached. But, at the very least,
it cleans up the logs a bit.

:adhesive_bandage: Fix: @roots/bud-tailwindcss/stylelint-config/scss error

Hattip to @joshuafredrickson for the PR fixing this module import error.

:information_source: Release information

  • :sparkles: improve(patch): stringify env values (#1604)
  • :adhesive_bandage: fix(patch): conditionally add/remove bud-error (#1603)
  • :package: deps: update html-loader to v4 (#1599)
  • :package: deps: update npm to v8.15.0 (#1602)
  • :package: deps: update @yarnpkg (#1600)
  • :package: deps: update Yarn to v3.2.2 (#1601)
  • :sparkles: improve(patch): prevent repeated attempts to import optional deps (#1598)
  • :adhesive_bandage: fix: missing module error during build (#1596)
  • :package: deps: update typedoc to v0.23.8
  • :package: deps: update wordpress monorepo (#1593)
  • :package: deps: update react

For more information review the diff to see what’s changed.