Bud v6.4.2 released

bud v6.4.2 released

Release notes also available on bud.js.org

:point_right:t3: known issue: [@roots/sage] errors logged when not using tailwindcss

If you are not using @roots/bud-tailwindcss you will see errors in the logs when running bud build or bud dev.
This is a known issue and will be resolved in the next release. It isn’t a sign that anything is wrong in your project.

:sparkles: improve: [@roots/sage] bud.wpjson now fully resolves tailwind configs

Previously, bud.wpjson could only generate a theme.json based on a fully static tailwind config file. This excluded tailwind configs that
defined theme properties using functions and also meant that plugins would not be applied.

Now, bud.wpjson functions related to tailwindcss will fully resolve the tailwind config file and generate a theme.json based on the
processed config. This should mean that any tailwind config can be used in conjunction with bud.wpjson.useTailwindColors() and similar functions.

:adhesive_bandage: fix: build errors return non-zero exit code

For production builds, build errors will now result in a non-zero exit code. This regression was introduced in 6.4.0. It is now fixed.

:adhesive_bandage: fix: eslint.config.js support

eslint.config.js configurations are now supported.

:adhesive_bandage: fix: bud repl

The bud repl command has seen significant improvements since 6.4.0. It fixes a bug in 6.4.1 related to syntax highlighting.

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