Bud v6.6.6 released

bud v6.6.6 released

bud@6.6.6 features bug fixes, performance improvements and a new ?inline query parameter for inlining static assets.

:rotating_light: heads up: --verbose replaces -vvvv

It should be aliased but update it anyway

:rotating_light: heads up: bud.template deprecated in favor of bud.html

You’ll get feedback in your IDE about this. bud.template will be removed in a future major release.

:tada: feature: Inlining static assets as base64-encoded strings

You can inline static assets with the ?inline query parameter.

body {
  background: url(@src/test.svg?inline)

:adhesive_bandage: fix: default port

If left unspecified the default port value should be 3000.

:tada: jsconfig and tsconfig base configurations

Base configurations now provided by @roots/bud and @roots/sage for you to extend from:

  • @roots/bud/config/jsconfig.json
  • @roots/bud/config/tsconfig.json
  • @roots/sage/config/jsconfig.json
  • @roots/sage/config/tsconfig.json
  "extends": "@roots/bud/config/jsconfig.json"

:sparkles: improve: handling of version inconsistencies and package manager conflicts

Most bud cli subcommands will do some basic checks on what you have installed and provide feedback if you have multiple lockfiles, mismatched versions of @roots/* packages, and other common project problems.

:sparkles::adhesive_bandage: improve: bud upgrade subcommand

bud upgrade will now install packages for you (no need to run yarn/npm install as a second step). So, upgrading in the future should be as simple as running that command.

You can also pass in a specific command if you want to use a specific version:

yarn bud upgrade <version>

This release also fixes a bug related to running bud upgrade in projects with both yarn and npm lockfiles.

:sparkles: improve: bud repl subcommand

bud repl is pretty stable now and has improved UI to make it easier to get started using it. Really helpful for confirming issues with your configuration.

:fire: performance

Everything should be much faster now!