Bud v6.6.7 released

bud v6.6.7 released

Improved svg inlining, support for bun, and small quality-of-life fixes.

:tada: feat: svg mini data uri #1948

  • ?inline parameter on .svg files now encoded with mini-svg-data-uri #1941

:package: deps: update babel preset config #1947

  • Removes plugins already included in @babel/preset-env

:adhesive_bandage: fix: do not bud clean multi-config root #1963

  • When invoking bud clean the root project is ignored in a multi-instance context

:adhesive_bandage: fix: ^ version mismatch complaints #1966

  • The ^ character is ignored when doing preflight checks and when invoking bud doctor.

:sparkles::adhesive_bandage: improve/fix: CLI flags #1967

  • add: bund command (execute with bun binary)
  • improve: alternative binaries (ts-bud and bund) execute shell operations with that binary
  • add: --port: specify dev server port
  • fix: --no-hot: no longer adds scripts, middleware, webpack plugins
  • fix: --browser: tolerates boolean
  • improve: bud webpack <args> filters --log (so webpack-cli doesnโ€™t throw an error but you can still get insight into bud build process)

:adhesive_bandage: fix(core): notifier in dev #1971

  • fix: notifier not firing in development after initial compilation
  • this could totally break again in the future because we still donโ€™t know how to test for it.