Call to undefined function add_filters() Issue with current Roots

Hey, I have been using roots now for awhile and it’s been working great up until now.

My normal flow is install wp, db, roots, grunt, and then the Roots Rewrites plugin. I’ve tried two installations from scratch and I’ve landed on the same error after getting the “White screen of death”

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_filters() in /vagrant/ on line 55

Any idea what could be causing this? Should I be avoiding this plugin with the newest release? Thanks!

I have yet to venture down the path with Vagrant so this is a shot in the dark, but have you tried setting up your dev environment and leaving off the Rewrites Plugin?

By dev environment do you mean declaring this? (define(‘WP_ENV’, ‘development’))
If so yes. I disabled the plugin and it is working normally but I don’t get the nice rewrites

That’s your WP_ENV variable. I was referring to your server and filesystem. As I said, I haven’t tangled with Vagrant yet so I’m afraid this is where I make my exit. Hopefully someone with more Vagrant insight can help.

Roots 7.0.0 dropped the add_filters function. Re-add the function and it will be fine. You could also try my rework branch of the rewrites plugin, or drop the rewrites altogether.

I’m having that problem too. Could you clarify what the solution is?

@sigmacitizen did you solve this?

I went back to the previous version for now due to time constraints. Next website I do I will probably look further into a good solution if one hasn’t been provided.