Can the development copy be a regular Ubuntu, not a vagrant machine?


A freelancer is going to make some updates on our website. He is totally of the old world, only being able to make updates to a WP site by FTP from his Windows. Concepts that are totally new to him : git/versioning, VMs, staging, etc… Having him understand, install and use Roots framework seems to me impossible.

At that point let assume that I cannot change the freelance guy (which would be my choice).

My idea is to bring up an Ubuntu server on DO or AWS being a “development” environment, and have him work as I usually do, FTP and so on. And for me, the shadow work : installing plugins with composer, commiting to the git repo, deploying to staging & production, etc…

Is it possible to set up a development environment on an Ubuntu server or has everything been made from day 1 to work on Vagrant and would be complicated to do on a real Ubuntu machine ?



Here are some ideas:

  • Keep the current development setup in tact. It’s still valuable for the future.
  • Instead, duplicate group_vars/staging/ as group_vars/remote_dev. You’ll want to check where else you’ll need to add the new environment. Here’s a quick search for production on the repo. Provisioning + deploying would be the same as a normal remote server except with remote_dev as the environment.
  • Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you’ll need to add the remote_dev environment to Bedrock as well. You can do so in the config/environments directory. Just copy the current development.php file. Look at the production/staging configs to see how to disable plugin installs/updates, etc.
  • There are a few more things I haven’t gotten to (i.e. committing changes, running npm/yarn on the server, etc.). If anyone wants to expand on this or has other ideas, fire away.

If all else fails, #jobs is a really good option. Also, the Roots Team.

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So much inspiration to start with :slight_smile: thank you !
Yes, indeed, I will have to answer some questions but I am on the good way.