Cannot login to admin after fresh install

Windows 10
Vagrant 2.2.7
VirtualBox 6.1.4
Vagrant created via PuPHPet
PHP 7.4
MariaDb 10.1
Composer 1.9.3

Run composer create-project roots/bedrock wp_test, updated .env file with proper settings and the ran the installation process at /wp/wp-admin, process went fine.

Front page loads fine. Admin page loads fine. But it always says that password is invalid. I’m 100% sure password is ok, I even changed via database couple of times. Tried this with http and https. Cleared cookies.

I debugged via var_dump, and posted username/password and created md5-hash in php equals saved hash, but for some reason wp_check_password returns false.

I have a older bedrock project that uses Wordpress 5.0.2 and for some reason it works fine! At least the login works.

Does anyone have any suggestions what to try next?

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