Can't Boot Into Vagrant

Using the latest version of Trellis, Bedrock, and Sage (cloned from their repos following the instructions from the sample project) with Virtualbox 5.0.4 and Vagrant 1.7.4 on Windows 10. I run vagrant up and it looks like the box boots fine (I see the messages that it’s ready to go and already provisioned) but I cannot acces my dev site either by hostname or IP. If I open Virtualbox, it does not show the VM running! I tried rebooting my host PC, but no luck. I don’t see any errors indicating that the thing bombed. Not sure what’s happening here.

Also weird, vagrant ssh works and I can access the box, but I can’t access the site.

That’s pretty weird. Does your hosts file look ok? Sometimes the vagrant-hostsupdater plugin needs a little reset (shut down vm, remove any vm-related entries from hosts, then vagrant up).

Oh, but if even that is happening, it’s probably more than just an issue with the hosts file. Sorry I spoke too soon.

If you haven’t already tried a vagrant destroy -f && vagrant up, it’s always a worthy step in debugging (backup your db first, if you need it).

I tried the vagrant destroy -f && vagrant up and am still having the same results. I’m not sure what happened, I worked with this setup a few weeks ago and it was fine. I’m wondering if the Virtualbox update has an issue.

I do remember hearing something several weeks ago about a bug with a new Virtualbox update at the time. My impression was that we’d probably see some related issues appear on discourse. I’m afraid I don’t remember the details. Have you come across any Virtualbox bug reports in your research? Or tried rolling back your VB version?

Might also check over at Vagrant, if you haven’t already. For example, this person has your same versions (VB, vagrant, Win) and says

My problem was fixed by re-installing Virtualbox and deleting C:\Users\eric\VirtualBox VMs

(Disclosure: I didn’t read that huge thread to see what all the issues were that people were having with VB/Vagrant and whether their issues were the exact same as yours.)

Of course, I hope you’ll let the discourse community know if you’re able to nail down the issue.