Can't modify CSS

I am pulling my hair out with extreme frustration and have exhausted my ability to try and comprehend why things are not working.

All I want to do is add a solid 4px border around the post content. Firebug tells me this is done via .col-sm-8

I add the styling to app.less, “grunt watch” is already running when I replace the file and it says it completed without errors and “main.min.css has changed”. Yet, the changes aren’t seen and when I actually open the main.min.css file, the styling isn’t updated.

I have cache disabled on both FireFox and Chrome. In fact, I removed every single reference to “col-sm-8” inside of every .less file, updated and watched Grunt do it’s thing and yet there are still multiple css reference to this.

Can someone make a suggestion? I’m going insane!

Thank you

I deleted the main.min.css file from the server. Grunt watch reported it deleted. I then re-ran grunt, knowing that every single .less file on the server had the .col-sm-8 referenced completely removed from the files. I run Grunt again and ASTONISHINGLY they are back. How is this possible?

It reads like you’re not using Grunt as a local development tool. If that’s the case then it’s likely to be caching on your server that is causing the problems. Try restarting apache/nginx and see if the changes stick.

The other possibility is that you’re running Grunt watch in the wrong folder or on the wrong machine.

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately I still have not been able to resolve this from any of the suggestions. I disabled all plugins, I completely deleted the files from the server, I restarted Apache/MySQL, gracefully reboot entire server, purged everything from CDN even though long before I disabled the CDN and nothing on the site was pointing to it, cleared my browser(s) caches, disabled cache, etc etc. Nothing works!

Verified running Grunt in the right location (it updates every time I upload the files).
This is impossibru!

From what you said in your other thread as well, technically you can run Grunt on the server, but how it’s set up with Roots, it really should be used for development and set up locally. Your server should only be getting the concatenated and minified files, and shouldn’t have to do any of that there.

But with the situation you’re in, you just need to figure out what’s actually going on. If you are sure that Grunt is loaded properly, and processing the LESS files to CSS, then add a bright background color to the body and see if that updates. If it does, then Grunt is running correctly, and nothing is cached. Then you can focus on finding the CSS section that needs to be changed. If it doesn’t update, then there is a cache or Grunt issue you need to find.

I ran it on another site on the same server without issue at all. Now I want to run this locally and set that up but as I said in the other thread I can’t find out how to delete the theme/uninstall grunt from the server…