Can't see changes after provision and deploy

Hi there,

I have recently started to make changes to another developer’s trellis build with a digital ocean droplet. I have finally (after many ssh issues) managed to provision for production and run the deployment command which seems to work - at least the deploy command ends with –
master@385c7d0 deployed as release 20181031204908
but I cant see any changes on the live site or the connected github repo. Can anyone suggest what I have missed? I assume there is another step that I haven’t had explained to me.


Trellis will only deploy what you’ve committed to GitHub, not what you have on your local computer. If you’ve made changes to the site locally, you need to commit and push them to GitHub before deploying.

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Ahh, that makes sense. I had been told that the push happened in the deploy command - thanks heaps, all working now!