Can't update plugin on remote servers

I had bedrock site on the local machine, with all settings, users and data configured. When the site was ready for production, i run server.yml and deploy.yml scripts to setup remote servers. After operations was finished without errors, i’ve imported local database into staging and production empty databases. Everything works fine, but updating composer dependencies. Composer.json at the remote server contain correct version of the plugins, and deploy task show that composer command is executed - , but if i go to plugins page in admin area on remote server site, there will be old versions compared to actual composer.json.
What’s the reason of such behaviour?

Did you run composer update after you bumped the version numbers in composer.json to generate an updated composer.lock? When Trellis runs composer install, Composer will install the dependencies based on the composer.lock.


thank you :slight_smile: )
composer.lock was in the repository, that caused the problem

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