Can't upload attachment with bedrock + capistrano

Hi guys,
I’m seeing this from my upload pictures in staging env.

Unable to create directory uploads/2014/03. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

I don’t see why this is happening, as the permissions are correct, and it’s correctly linked. Any ideas?

It was my problem on the server… sorry

It would help for reference and other people if you could post what fixed it.

I solved it by chmod 777 uploads dir. However, what is the difference between uploads/ dir and symlinked media dir? Also, why is upload dir put in .gitignore file at all?

I ask this because nothing ever goes to media. Media library files (images) are going to uploads dir.

media dir was the default for uploads in older versions of Roots.

Now with Bedrock we just use the default web/app/uploads. So it sounds like your uploads are going in the correct place, you just might have the media dir left over from an older Roots/database setting.

And uploads is Git ignored because you usually don’t want to save all your user generated/uploaded content in version control.

One final note: try to avoid 777 permissions at all costs. Better to figure out a better solution with a proper user/group and more restrictive permissions.

Thanks Scott, yes I copied config/deploy.rb settings from older project which had media in linked_dir.

About permissions, it was quick temp solution… maybe chown www-data:www-data could help too. I also did chown on every file in wp/ dir to make it work.