Capistrano Task to Sync Uploads

I have a working capistrano task that uses rsync to sync the uploads folder from development to staging or production and figured I’d share it here. Note that this task performs a bi-directional sync.

# Swiped from Mixd
# Modified directory structure
# added option for non-standard SSH port

namespace :uploads do

  desc "Syncs uploads directory from local to remote"
  task :sync do
  	run_locally do
  		roles(:all).each do |role|

			    execute :rsync, "-avzO -e \'ssh -p 4147\' #{role.user}@#{role.hostname}:#{shared_path}/web/app/uploads web/app/uploads"
			    execute :rsync, "-avzO -e \'ssh -p 4147\' web/app/uploads/ #{role.user}@#{role.hostname}:#{shared_path}/web/app/uploads"


You’ll notice I’m using a non-standard port (4147) as its a good security practice to close the default SSH port (22).

To use this just create the directory structure:

Then execute:
bundle exec cap production uploads:sync

You can view the Mixd docs on Github for more information.