is a managed WordPress platform using Trellis

What is is a project to provide a managed service for developers and designer to help manage site deployments, using Trellis. There’s a significant barrier for many to understanding the necessary steps and relationships to setup a local Trellis environment and I wanted to streamline that into a subscription service.

For now, I’ve kept site deployments extremely simple in using a base WordPress install. I decided to use the AWS Lightsail for creating and deploying to cloud services.

The general idea is that you can potentially use any cloud provider, the only requirement would be to have the necessary SSH key in place. I plan to add other cloud providers, such as DigitalOcean with the ability to add your own service manually if you wanted to.

Here is a basic breakdown of the current features:

  • S3 backups are manual for now but I’m working on daily scheduled backups with 30-day pruning.
  • “Snapshots” so you can quickly create new sites based from these backups.
  • Welcome email with a screenshot of the site and a one-time login link with the admin credentials needed to login.
  • User-friendly form process for creating a new site which includes creating a new service, if needed.

I’m actively working on additional wp-cli utilities for managing WordPress routine tasks such as automatic updates, plugins and more.

How can you help?
I’d like to get feedback on what you’d like to see in a service like this:

  • What are the routine tasks you’d like to automate or have within a managed interface?
  • What cloud service providers do you prefer to use?
  • Would a service like this help expand your business in offering managed hosting services?
  • How much would you be willing to spend on a service like this?

You can learn more about ( - this is a basic landing page I’ve put together and I encourage you all to subscribe to the newsletter if this interests you! Please scroll to the bottom and sign up for the Beta Testers list too.

~Thank you all Trellis devs and community~