Cert renewal cron inactive?

I had to run the cron command for Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal manually.
Everythnig worked fine, so the script works correctly, but it hadn’t been invoked by cron in time.
How can I debug this? The trellis playbook had been applied completely.

You might want to check this thread.

As indicated there, you should make certain that the renewal is actually in your crontab. Depending on you server configuration, you will use either:

crontab -l or sudo crontab -l

If Trellis configured this, it should run as the root user, so the sudo command would be the correct one. But that thread should give you some other ideas to look at for debugging, as well.

When I run crontab -l (as admin user) I get no crontab for root.
What went wrong?

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