Change styling on shared hosting

is there a way to change styling on shared hosting without gulp? all the time i have to change with gulp on localhost and after upload styling through ftp.

some of our clients doesn’t use VPS.

Not really sure what the suggestion could be here. Everything gets compiled to regular CSS. So yes, you can make updates. Would you want to update minified CSS? I wouldn’t, but I know some people that do. Those poor people.

It really comes down to whether you think you can continue to make updates locally and upload your dist folder when needed. Or, you could have the gulp file stop minifying your CSS and JS, and edit the compiled files. That would basically have your source files get out of sync though. I don’t know if I would want to give up on using the gulp file just so I can make inline edits via FTP, personally.

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Because I have clients on both shared and managed (Wpengine) hosting, i’ve gotten into using deployHQ. You can use FTP or SSH as the protocol, and you can even run pre and post commands if you want to I believe. It deploys from my bitbucket repository. I guess the one weird thing is I have the Sage Dist folder under version control to do this.

The other thing I have been doing on another project is using something like ACF to create a “style input field” that injects my “hotfix” styles in the header. Then once in a while during a maintenance I move these into the style sheet files. I think there was someone in another thread doing this also.