Changes in blade templates not injecting into the page

I’m trying to get started with v9 of sage. All styles and scripts are injecting properly, however the changes in blade are not injecting on the page.

I have seen the recent (now fixed ?) issues with this, but I am on the latest version.

Im currently working in WSL on windows, but have the same issues when just using node on windows.

Any ideas ?

When you say you’re using the latest version, do you mean you cloned the master branch?

I would recommend cloning (or downloading) the master branch if you haven’t done so already.

Used composer “dev-master” . Last commit was

commit 1f062301183118d19408ad1a6546c142c288e3d6
Author: QWp6t
Date: Sat Apr 15 16:11:34 2017 -0700
Update dependencies

Just wiped and tried with a git clone instead and I get the same issue. Also it does not make any difference if I disable the HTML Injector plugin in the browsersync UI

This is happening to me also, but I’m on Windows 10.

It should be noted that I did NOT have this issue with the last site I built with Sage 9, beta.2 as it was on March 9th when I used Composer to create the project and Yarn to install dependencies.

However on April 20 I set up another project and installed the latest dev-master and changes to Blade templates were no longer being injected.

I just re-installed the entire project, since I saw there’s a beta3 that came out the next day. I thought maybe that fixed the issue but apparently not.

The watch task appears to work otherwise. The styles and images all get injected. But when I make changes to blade templates, I have to hit refresh on the browser to see them.

If there’s any other info I can provide to help, do let me know. I’ve gotten quite spoiled about having to hit refresh while developing. :smile:

@maguijo looks like we are the only ones. I am on windows 10 also.

I managed to get it working by changing the watch path glob to /**/*.php ( i think, not on my machine at the moment ) so can only assume that there is an issue with the way node is interpreting the paths on windows . Hope that helps !

Thank you for the reply. The watch task is this:
“watch”: [

When you get back to your computer, could you check what you changed it to that works?

I changed the glob in the watch task to this, and it works now.
“watch”: [

Also working on Windows 10 and having same problem with php files. Seems like “{app,resources/views}//*.php" cant catch files at all, can’t find solution. The "//.php” doesn’t work. Also tried “…/views/**.php” and much more - nothing. Quite strange.