Changing Domains

I have spent some time building a local site with trellis, which has also been deployed live. I now need to change the domain and figured the quickest way to do it would be to setup a new Trellis install with the new domain info and then copy the contents of the uploads folder across and do an export with a find and replace of the old database and then import that into the new domain local install.

I did all of this and just get a white screen when trying to access the new local domain.

I’m not running SSL on either of the local installs and everything seemed to be going swimmingly.

Have I missed a key step?

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Check your logs in /srv/www/<site>/logs

There’s two files inside that folder, access.log and error.log. The latter appears to be empty.

Fixed! The theme hadn’t activated properly. I wasn’t aware of the WWSOD until now, I’m still learning as I go along.

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