Changing path.source in gulpfile doesn't pull styles from that new source folder, help

Hey - I’m just starting into gulp with forking Sage. I wanted to use the folder “assets/” in place of the “dist” folder (and the “dist/” folder for a production zip file) so I created a copy of “assets/” called “dev-assets/”. Got that done and in the gulpfile I’ve changed the path.source and path.dist to “dev-assets/” and “assets/” and everything runs fine except that none of the styles aren’t being copied in.

It looks like css assets are only able to be copied from the “assets/styles” folder and path.source has no effect one way or the other on this. Is there another setting or something in the modules that needs to change so I can get things to work correctly with “assets/” as the path.dist and “dev-assets/” as the path.source?