Changing Uploads folder to Media option disappeared after Git commit/push

Hello, I’ve encountered some rather weird issue I haven’t seen before. I made a git commit/push last week on a new project and I realized today my option for changing the uploads folder to the media folder completely disappeared. I’m not sure what happened or what changed that would have made that option go away. I am running the latest Roots and the latest Wordpress, hosted by wpengine.

Maybe the file that contains the code that allows you to switch the uploads folder was removed somehow? What file is this located in anyways? I can’t find it in my other projects by searching the files.

Thanks for any info, this is an annoying issue that I was pulling my hair out earlier!

The admin setting under Media? That was removed in one of the recent WP versions

The theme activation option? That was removed from Roots recently

Oh okay interesting, cause I started a project with Roots at the beginning of December and I did have these options in place and I really enjoyed using the media folder as opposed to an uploads folder.

Do you know of a workaround so that I could put this in place in future projects with the newer version of Roots?


You can also add the option back to the theme activation on your fork