Check where queries are being sent

I have ElasticPress installed and connected to my ElasticSearch instance.

ElasticPress is supposed to take over all queries and send them to elasticsearch, is there any particular method to see if queries are going to ElasticPress and not still coming from MySQL?

It may be working but just wondering if it’s definitely going off there or not.

On a normal set up I would open phpmyadmin and watch the mysql queries as I do searches on my site, don’t suppose there is anything like this on roots.

Hey @JordanC26 - if you’re using Trellis, it doesn’t ship with phpMyAdmin, but you can connect to the database with the tool of your choice. Take a look here:

If you wanted to install phpMyAdmin, you could try searching for existing Ansible roles to use.

Thanks @mmirus

I figured I would try use the Query Monitor plugin for starters and that worked, I could see a request being made to my elasticsearch box when I did a search.

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