Clean URLs with Soil not working

I have installed Roots 7.0.0 and run npm install, etc. Everything seems fine except that the nice URLs that are supposed to work with Soil aren’t. I still have this type of URL from my search, instead of

I didn’t install this with Bedrock, I have this running with just a Roots install and I have made sure that I have the WP_ENV variable set to development.

I also have verified that the theme support is on for Soil in my lib/config.php file:
add_theme_support('soil-clean-up'); // Enable clean up from Soil add_theme_support('soil-relative-urls'); // Enable relative URLs from Soil add_theme_support('soil-nice-search'); // Enable /?s= to /search/ redirect from Soil

Any idea why this wouldn’t be working for me?

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Did you try flushing your permalinks?

Yes, a few times I went to Settings > Permalinks and toggled them. No luck yet.

Ok, just the first thing that came to mind. I haven’t messed around with Soil much but I’m sure someone else who has will know what’s up.

Might be a silly question, but you installed the Soil plugin and activated it?

While this functionality was originally in Roots, it’s been moved to Soil as it’s not exactly functionality that should be in a theme, so it’s been extracted out to the Soil plugin.

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That was the issue, thanks! I didn’t realize that it was a separate plugin – thanks again