Clone Sage and Modify Personal Starter


I find myself often making the same changes to sage whenever I start a new project. Things like…

  • Adding Bootstrap navigation
  • Sticky footer
  • Default widget areas

Am I right in thinking that I could ‘clone’ sage, make my changes, and still allow my clone to keep up to date with the main Sage releases? Would a ‘rebase’ command achieve this?

I’m also (perhaps quite optimistically) thinking about making a similar personal repo that would create my preferred WP stack. I often deploy onto shared hosting, and I have a setup that works that I’m also manually recreating each time I want to spin up a site. I think if I could crack a personal sage clone, then my next step would be to have a personal WP stack setup.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?


This is how I start new projects. I have my own fork of Sage stored on GitHub, I clone that when I begin and then make changes in a new branch. If I want to make changes that will affect future projects, I switch back to master, make the changes, and then merge them with the project branch.

When significant updates to the main Sage repo are made, I just merge them into the master branch of my own repo.

I like using a combination of Composer (for WP and plugins) and Git (for the theme) for deployment, but this isn’t always possible on shared hosting.