Collections Theme / Backbone.js

Hi All,

Has anybody here taken time out to peruse the collections theme:

It uses backbone.js to speed up interactions between the browser and server and really makes for a more ‘app like’ feel.

I’m really excited by this - anybody out there got any experience of using backbone.js with rootstheme?

I have a site I need to build in a few weeks and would love to leverage some of this sweet technology…

I’ve been wanting to play with it.

Backbone is part of WordPress core;

To get it in your pages, enqueue it in roots_scripts() with wp_enqueue_script('backbone');

Thanks. I’ve been working through some backbone examples online. Itching to get it working with roots theme…

I whipped together an example. Check this out.

Interesting. I shall take a closer look. Thanks dude :wink:

No problem. This post might also be useful.

This might help (not Roots specific):

There’s also (not roots) I’m working on a project now that is using backbone with roots, was helpful getting started. I wish I would have saw this thread a week ago.