Command not found error message (trellis-cli)

After upgrading trellis-cli any command returns this error message in terminal

➜  site git:(main) ✗ trellis --version
__hookbook___trellis_cli_hookexport_preexec: command not found: __trellis_cli_hookexport
__hookbook___trellis_cli_hookexport_precmd: command not found: __trellis_cli_hookexport 

Not sure why an upgrade would break that, but that’s the shell integration feature which you can remove temporarily at least. The README says how to install it here: GitHub - roots/trellis-cli: A CLI to manage Trellis projects

So you need to find your shell config and remove those lines.

What shell are you using?

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Removing and reinstalling from scratch fix it! (on the third try). Thank you :pray:

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