Composer could not find a composer.json file in /srv/www/

When I run vagrant provision on a new trellis/bedrock combo on Windows I get:

==> default: failed: [] => ( => {“changed”: true, “cmd”: [“composer”, “install”], “delta”: “0:00:00.062992”, “end”: “2016-04-20 07:26:21.423303”, “failed”: true, “item”: “”, “rc”: 1, “start”: “2016-04-20 07:26:21.360311”, “stderr”: “You are running composer with xdebug enabled. This has a major impact on runtime performance. See\nRunning composer as root/super user is highly discouraged as packages, plugins and scripts cannot always be trusted\nComposer could not find a composer.json file in /srv/www/\nTo initialize a project, please create a composer.json file as described in the “Getting Started” section”, “stdout”: “”, “stdout_lines”: [], “warnings”: []}

Why is it looking in, I’ve search/replaced all instances of with my actual domain and with my development hosts entry domain. is only found in the group_vars configs. So for it to appear it has to be in there somewhere.