Composer create-project not prompting for options on Mac


I want to install the sage starter theme with composer using the command:

composer create-project roots/sage theme-name

I expect that to prompt me for some options like theme name or if i want to add bootstrap. That worked well for another project, but now i do not get prompted for these options. The theme after all gets installed, but without any options.

I found similar issues here, but only for windows.

Any suggestions?

If you just want to run the prompts, you can follow Matt’s instructions here:

If you want to investigate this issue further, can you share some details about your Mac?

  • What macOS version are you running?
  • What version of PHP?
  • What version of Composer?

Other helpful information:

  • Have you been able to successful run the command on this machine?
  • Has there been a recent configuration change? (i.e. updating OS, PHP, or Composer)

Helpful debugging step:

Run composer clear-cache and try running the command again.

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