Composer - how update the default wp themes?

I am learning how to use composer to update WordPress and plugins, I am wondering how I can update the default WordPress themes.
for example, I noticed that my Twenty Seventeen theme is version: 1.7, but the last release is Version: 2.1.

I am using trellis/bedrock and sage9, how can I update the default WordPress themes via composer?

moreover, is there a way to keep just one default theme (Twenty Sixteen) and delete the older themes?

Thanks in advance!

Require them as Composer dependencies with wpackagist — all .org themes and plugins are available on wpackagist

composer require wpackagist-theme/twentyseventeen

what is the best way to delete 2 of the wp default themes that come with bedrock?
can I manually delete the themes folders from or there is a better way?

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Delete or comment out this file:

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