Composer with Sage without Trellis or Bedrock

Is it still possible/recommended to use Composer for a Sage based theme’s dependencies without Trellis or Bedrock. I’m waiting until 1.0 to try and figure out the Trellis workflow and in the meantime I definitely see the need for something like composer in my workflow.


Composer is great and I would recommend it for any PHP based project.

It’s worth it just to keep dependencies out of your repository, but obviously a lot more powerful if you can incorporate it as part of your deploy process, as both Trellis and Bedrock Capistrano do.

Trellis is amazing (and getting better on its approach to a 1.0 release) but in my opinion Bedrock is an absolute must-have on any WordPress build, more so than Trellis (or even Sage).

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Thanks so much,

I never took that long of a look at Bedrock as I always assumed it went hand and hand with Trellis.

I’m going to try it with my next project.