Configuring Sage issues

Hi there,
I’m having issues getting this up and running. I’ve just installed and configured everything locally and everything seemed to install correctly. However I am having issues with the SASS and JS files loading. I have followed the docs and installed everything correctly but the stylesheets and JS files aren’t loading correctly.

If I check my source, I see the files are being compiled into one stylesheet and js file under:


However, these files aren’t being picked up when the pages are loaded. These links are leading to 404 pages.

Do I need to install anything else? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Well, does the dist folder exist and have you run gulp To compile it?

Thanks for the reply.

I have followed the instructions on the sage site exactly but no joy. I have ran gulp on the main themes directory yes, the dist folder doesn’t exist no? Please excuse my ignorance, i’m not a huge command-line advocate (basic stuff).

Sorry, i’m an idiot!

I forgot to run gulp --production

Thanks for your help!