Contributing to both roots and roots-sass: not straightforward

I’m more a fan of SASS than I am of LESS, so I was happy to see an official SASS fork of Roots.

I’ve noticed that it’s a little behind the main Roots repo, and of course the best way to remedy that is by submitting a pull request, sure.

But because Roots-SASS is a fork of the original, I’m finding myself faced with having to come up with an inventive way of contributing to both the original and to the SASS version, as GitHub doesn’t allow more than one fork of a repo. If I try to open up a second repo based off of the SASS version, GitHub just directs me to my Roots fork. Vice versa.

I’ve been thinking about maintaining separate branches in my repo, one for the SASS version and one for the original LESS version. But that seems like a lot of trouble for a problem that would be solved if Roots-SASS wasn’t listed as a fork of the original.

Taking Bootstrap as an example: the official SASS port of Bootstrap is not technically a fork of the original repo, meaning that I could fork both if I wanted to.

So I’d appreciate any suggestions how to work with the two repos as they are now. If I am not missing some obvious workaround, may I request that Roots-SASS be maintained more as a “port” of Roots (just as Bootstrap-SASS is a port of Bootstrap), rather than as a fork?

We agree that the roots-sass repo should be a normal repo rather than a fork. Not sure we can easily just convert it so we’ll probably contact GitHub support.

Awesome, thanks.

Probably not a great option, but you could potentially delete the repo, then make a new one with the same name and I’m pretty sure things wouldn’t get thrown off besides those few seconds.

Deleting the branch would have lost issues etc (I believe). GitHub support have changed the repo over now though, so thanks for the suggestion.

Good point, that sounds likely.

Thanks again. The whole reason I requested this was so I could update roots-sass with some of the more recent changes to Roots, so I’ll submit a pull request tonight, hopefully.


Thank you montchr for the pull request. Roots is moving quickly and I sometimes let a little too much time pass between pulling changes from upstream.

Hopefully with the next full version of Roots it will fully embrace Bower and perhaps have an option for which version of Bootstrap to use so the Roots-sass version will become irrelevant and we can all use the same version again :smile:

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No prob. I’ll continue to send more pull requests too, when I get the time.

Sounds pretty awesome to me.